Dear Windover friend;

Since last September, we’ve been busy. We’ve been planning for this summer, working on a long-term plan and with help from many, prepared the curriculum for a fantastic art experience for our young friends.

But things don’t always go as planned. Life interrupts us, and gives us new challenges.

The last ten days have been alternately frightening and hopeful for all of us. Mari Abercrombie, our director and spiritual guide, has been given an early diagnosis of breast cancer. There is good news—it’s been caught very early, and the prognosis is good—but Mari will need to devote her full energy and time to fight this.

As a board, we have decided unanimously that some things are more important than others. So rather than do anything half-way, including Mari’s care and the programming at Windover, we’re hitting the pause button for the balance of the summer. Even though we have skilled help, Mari has always been the keystone, and as we just don’t know what her treatment will bring, we feel she should be focused on her health.

This is a shock; and we know that, and we sincerely apologize to the children and families that are the lifeblood of this magical place. All of us on the board are parents, too, and all of our children have shared the joy that Windover brings into our lives.

For those who have paid in advance, we will refund your entire amount. If you paid online, it will be credited to your account; if you paid by check, we will mail you back a check. If you would like to maintain a credit for next year or convert it to a donation, we can accommodate either.

Mari loves the kids and the program called Windover. She loves teaching, directing, and building a program for young people to learn and grow. Windover has been around for 35 years, and this is by no means the end. Mari is already talking about next year, and Isaac has big plans for the students as well. We are already planning for 2018—for fresh, new, and fun programming, and with Mari back and stronger than ever, with her light to guide us once again.

Matt Dunlap

Board President

Windover Art Center