Creativity is for everyone!  And the future will require us to be more creative, and with new technologies.  In a recent study done in part by Microsoft, over 80% of people are asked to be creative at work on a daily or weekly basis.  And the overwhelming majority of those felt as though their jobs depend on their ability to be creative.

That's one of the many reasons we at Windover Art Center have been creating and expanding our digital art program since 2013.  With the help of Bangor Savings Bank, we purchased four iPad 2s to kickstart classes in 3D digital sculpture, electronic music, photo composites ("Photoshopping"), game design, and digital painting.  It has been a resounding success, with nearly every student at Windover participating in digital art with one art form or another.  That means we are approaching 1000 students giving the chance to be creative with the tools of the future at Windover with the help of Bangor Savings Bank!  And of course, a huge number of students use the iPads for multiple classes, meaning we've made countless monsters, songs, games, and impossible pictures.

Still, technology demands that you stay ahead of the curve.  And so this year we are excited to announce that Windover has expanded its digital art program once again!  In addition to the classic iPads and apps that Windover has always used, we are adding the just released iPad (5th generation) to our lineup.  The additional CPU and graphics power, as well as over 4x more memory, will mean that students will be able to create more complex monsters, use advanced music creation tools, craft more detailed photo composites, and experience a new level of responsiveness while painting.  

Stay tuned for an even more exciting announcement next week!