With many schools offering only a single hour or two per week, students have seen their art education reduced to 40-80 hours per year.  At Windover Art Center, students receive 35 hours of art education per WEEK!

That means a week or two at Windover can nearly double or triple your child's chances to be creative and make artwork they can call their own.  

We believe this opportunity is so important, we're offering families an additional discount that register for two or more weeks, and even more savings for those who register for two consecutive weeks.  We find that students are more confident in their decision-making skills and artistic abilities as time goes on, and back-to-back weeks can help even more.

Each month we are offering special two-week sessions at an additional discount.  We believe that this is the best way to experience Windover as we often see students with increased confidence in their decision-making and artistic abilities as time goes on at Windover.  And we feel that this is even further enhanced by when students can experience it all at once, so to speak.  Students who register for two consecutive weeks will have additional opportunities for bigger projects, too, such as longer stop motion animations, or more complicated movies.

Click here to register and choose one of our two-week options to save an additional $25 off our already discounted two-week price!