Upcoming Windover Art Center Events

For Fall 2015

For more information on these or other classes, please contact us at windover.art@gmail.com, or visit us at Facebook.com/WindoverArtCenter or WindoverArtCenter.com/contact-us.

Fall Foliage Family Photography                                                 

Saturday, October 10, AM and PM Sessions, Windover Art Center

This fall, join us on Windover’s 160 acres to enjoy Maine’s beautiful fall foliage.  On October 10, we invite you to walk our beautiful grounds while learning new photo tricks and techniques.  Bring your own camera or use one of ours!  Digital retouching classes and large format printing (11”x19”) will be available based on interest.

Video Game Appreciation                                                                       

Saturdays, Time and Location TBD

Are you concerned that your son or daughter’s time with their favorite hobby is time wasted?  Do you wish that they would do more than play mindless games?  In our Video Game Appreciation course, we take a critical approach to playing games.  We investigate game systems and design, artwork and art styles, and storytelling and narrative. A great class for anyone who likes games and wants to get deeper into their favorite hobby!  Parents allow their children to play a variety of titles at home, and so this year we’re offering two classes to better suit what students are already playing.

Video Game Appreciation—”T” for Teen

This class will focus on games rated by the ESRB as “T” for Teen or lower.  “T” rated titles are the equivalent to a PG or a PG-13 rating for films or a TV-PG/TV-PG14 rating for television.  Games include The Stanley Parable, Journey, and Brothers: Tale of Two Sons.

Video Game Appreciation—”M” for Mature

This class will include titles that have been rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB.  While this is the equivalent to an “R” rating for movies or “TV-MA” for television, we are aware that many students are already playing “M” rated titles such as the ever-popular Call of Duty series, many of whom may not be receiving guidance from an adult.  The instructor is also aware of the concerns of many parents, and communicates clearly the content of all games to parents through email before playing.  We will NOT be playing Call of Duty, instead focusing on games such as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Last of Us, and the Souls-borne games by From Software. Games are always played with the instructor to contextualize content (such as violence) and to guide the students’ understanding of such issues.