We use a lot of apps on our iPads here at Windover. Apps for music, 3D CGI, pixel art and more can be inexpensive and great ways to use technology creatively. Here's a list of some great apps you can get to bring Windover home.  

Musical Apps

 Figure by Propellerhead

A great app for creating musical loops and song sketches. It has dozens of different synthesizers and tweaks to give each song a novel sound. Great for all skill levels, musicians and non-musicians alike! Worth all 99 cents!

 Auxy: Beat Studio

A great piano roll style beat sequence. Make and remix cool songs with ease!  Comes free with a number of drum, bass, and lead synths with IAPs to add more sounds. 

GarageBand for iOS 

A fully featured music studio for iPad. Record any number of instruments, combine and remix loops from various apps, and add our own voice. An amazing array of tools for an inexpensive recording studio on the go. 

Photography Apps


The closest thing to Photoshop on iPad. Retouch, add filters, and create impossible composites with multiple images. A pricier app but often on sale for $0.99.  

 Hyperlapse from Instagram

Make cool time lapses without the need of a tripod. Hyperlapse uses the iPhone or iPad's sensors to detect and remove hand movement from time lapses. Record your walks, car trips, and more!  Can be rough on your battery so I recommend short sessions or keeping your device plugged in.  

 Slow Shutter Cam

Create advanced shutter effects on your iPhone or iPad camera. Allows users to simulate a long exposure to blur waterfalls, make light trials, and best of all, light graffiti!  Requires a tripod or placing your device on a steady surface. 

Art Apps

123D Sculpt+

Create awesome 3D sculptures in this powerful tablet app.  Create of all shapes and sizes and capture custom photographic background to bring your creatures to life!  Totally free app, with the option to purchase (expensive) 3D printed models of your artwork.


Craft timeless pixel art creations with Pixely, an inexpensive pixel art applications.  Create canvases up to 1024x1024 and experience digital art from the past!  Can be used to make animations and tile sets for games and other applications!

Educational Apps

The Elements

A cool ebook about the elements of nature. Beautiful and educational, and regularly featured by Apple for its beautiful design and educational value.

The Elements in Action

A companion to the above app, contains cool movies and demos of the elements and emir reactions!

Disney Animated

Learn about the history of animation from one of the greatest animation houses in the world! Great examples of cell animation, flip books, and 3D computer graphics. 

 Tynker - Learn programming. Build Games.

A free to start game centered around programming and logic. Code your way through levels and learn to make your own games and more!  While free to start, much of Tynker's content is added through in app purchases.  

Windover Endorsed Games

Pixel Press Floors

Like games?  Want to MAKE and PLAY your own games?  Pixel Press Floors is a great place to start.  Using a grid-based system (just like the original Super Mario Bros), designers create their own levels to play and share.  Learn about game design and level building while having fun playing your own games!


Watch your trees grow and help them reach the sunlight by pruning away needless branches.  But watch out for the poisonous red orbs!  A beautiful zen-puzzle game that offers a nice challenge and gorgeous visuals.  Start your bonsai garden today!

Monument Valley

One of the best puzzle games on mobile devices.  Monument Valley uses impossible, MC Escher-like geometry to create clever spatial reasoning puzzles.  Features an amazing art style, great puzzles, and a touching story of a princess and her, umm, giant yellow totem snake thing.

Stay tuned for more app recommendations!  We update our iPads regularly with new apps and games for the kids—see them here first!