Inside Google's dreams

Can computers make art?  Do they have imaginations?  Google has been working for a while on image recognition, the ability for computers to determine what the content of picture is. Show it a picture of a tiger, and it will guess a tiger (usually). Well, Google’s researchers wondered, what it you made it guess based on random or incomplete information?

The infinite arches of the mind of Google

Much like seeing animals in the clouds, Google’s computers began to see shapes in the randomness. They would then use pictures they already had to fill in the gaps. This blob looks like a fish--so put a picture of a fish there. This tree looks like a building--so put a building there.  

Much like our own process of creativity and inspiration, Google’s computers began to assemble images based on association and patterns, seeing mountains as cities and trees as the people who inhabit them.  

So the next time you see a cloud that looks like a bird, remember what an inspiration seeing patterns in randomness can be.  

A gallery of images can be found here:  Link

The gallery contains computerized dreams as well as the images that inspired them.  

More information on the project can be found here: Link